Hello there. I'm Kristofer Baxter.

I’m a Web developer specializing in front-end development including HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and occasionally Flash.

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More Information on Kristofer

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I am proficient in all sorts of acronyms including XML, XHTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. I also have experience working with more obscure, yet very useful, technologies such as AppleScript, Perl, and Python.

I follow OOP practices, and think that my exposure to great web frameworks like Django heightens my understanding of older, more established frameworks and languages.

My specialty lies in Javascript, where I make use of YUI, Prototype, jQuery, Mootools, Dojo, and some custom frameworks built from scratch. I understand how Ajax and Comet work and can implement them when necessary. I fully embrace the integration of flash capabilities into the browser, such as the video element in HTML 5, where I believe they are easier to use and less closed-source.

I am competent in the use of relational databases and have written content management systems which tie into PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, and SQLLite databases.

Kristofer’s Working History

Netflix, Senior Web UI Engineer

July 2010 - Current

  • Generate clean semantic HTML5 based on extensive documentation.
  • Develop unobtrusive Javascript to support interactive elements.
  • Develop mobile websites with support for modern devices.

Local Matters, Senior UI Engineer

February 2008 - July 2010

  • Generate clean semantic XHTML/HTML5 based on extensive documentation.
  • Fix sections of a custom interactive mapping engine and extend or augment it to support new functionality.
  • Develop unobtrusive Javascript and Actionscript to bring interactive elements to life.
  • Create reusable snippets of code for repetitive code chunks.
  • Develop mobile websites with support for devices from Motorola RAZRs to iPhone/Android/WebOS.

Fuel Interactive, Graphic Designer

July 2007 - February 2008

  • Design web sites for the tourism and housing industries.
  • Generate clean semantic XHTML/HTML for corporate customers.
  • Create additional revenue streams by diversifying web product lines.
  • Refactor older systems to decrease downtime and improve response time.
Quick Note

Intellistrand merged with Brandon Advertising’s Interactive Division to become Fuel Interactive in July 2007.

Intellistrand, Graphic Designer

July 2006 - July 2007

  • Responsible for implementing standards-based philosophies to product lines.
  • Create new market opportunities through web application development.
  • Converge data into new applications.

William Allen White School of Journalism, Technologist

December 2002 - April 2006

  • Crafted Content Mananagement Systems for media outlets.
  • Created AJAX-based front-end for media streaming and story navigation.
  • Engineered a Digital Asset Management system for tracking and publishing student work.
  • Tutored professors and students in the use of web and print media production programs.
  • Developed methods to reduce downtime of University computers.
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